Vaeda Black is a singer, songwriter and performer raised on the suburban edges of New York City. As a small child, her strong desire to perform led her to the stages of grade school talent shows and musical theater productions, where she found confidence and harnessed her vocal power. An avid writer as well, her notebook scribbles of ideas and poems naturally led her to put music to her words at the piano in her family home.


Tapping into the subconscious of her generation, 19 year old Vaeda Black’s lyrics convey a raw and unfiltered perspective. At times soft and sweet and at others eerie and apathetic, she delivers her deepest thoughts effortlessly with her classically trained voice. 

2020 was a productive year for the artist, releasing 2 singles, Drunken Tears and cigs, which quickly became indie faves amongst her growing international fan base gaining hundreds of thousands of streams. Vaeda continues to write & explore her sound across genres on upcoming releases with Brooklyn artist/producer Tiger Darrow, while working on multiple music projects and collaborations.