Raised in the suburbs of New York City, 18 yr old singer songwriter Vaeda Black was born to artist and musician parents, and her inherent creativity came forth at an early age. A strong desire to perform lead her to the stages of grade school talent shows and musical theater productions. There she found her confidence and harnessed her vocal power, while experimenting with poetic writing. The notebook scribbles of ideas and poetry naturally led to her to put music to her words at the piano in her family home.

Unafraid to look at her darker side, Vaeda’s unique sound is a blend of alternative, pop, indie rock and soul that takes listeners on a deep and mysterious journey through a wide range of emotions. 
 “…she demonstrates the high-potential of her genuine songwriting skills and she will give you goosebumps with her heart & soul touching vox.” – Turn up the Volume 
 “Black’s approach to songwriting is thought-provoking & provocative for someone so young, but that only intrigues the listener more… ” – The Daily Listening 
 A recent reviewer of a show at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall was moved by what she saw: “… knowing that she is 17, I felt taken aback by how solid she was in her star-power. She moves like it is her destiny and leaves you shocked that anyone can be so firmly sure of their purpose. “ 
 Vaeda continues to thrill audiences at live shows around NYC while putting the finishing touches on new material.